Flights with on this aircraft type

Date From To Airline Flight Number Plane Tail Number
02/09/2017 MOB IAH United Airlines UA4023 EMB-145XR N12172
02/07/2017 IAH BHM United Airlines UA4366 EMB-145XR N11193
09/15/2016 IAH OKC United Airlines UA4382 EMB-145XR N12163
05/04/2016 ELP DEN United Airlines UA4734 EMB-145XR N34111
04/03/2016 OKC IAH United Airlines UA3899 EMB-145XR N16183
03/20/2016 DEN OKC United Airlines UA4670 EMB-145XR N12122
02/05/2016 IAH OMA United Airlines UA4524 EMB-145XR N11191
01/19/2016 IAH OKC United Airlines UA4427 EMB-145XR N17185
01/11/2016 IAD CAE United Airlines UA3426 EMB-145XR N18114
12/25/2014 OKC ORD United Airlines UA6040 EMB-145XR
09/05/2014 IAD RIC United Airlines UA3387 EMB-145XR
06/29/2014 IAH PNS United Airlines UA4482 EMB-145XR
06/16/2014 IAH PNS United Airlines UA4482 EMB-145XR
12/14/2013 IAH OKC United Airlines UA4399 EMB-145XR
12/28/2012 EWR OMA United Airlines UA4285 EMB-145XR
Total Flights on EMB-145XR: 15

Most common destination on the EMB-145XR:
To OKC: 4 Flights
To OMA: 2 Flights
To PNS: 2 Flights
To IAH: 2 Flights
To RIC: 1 Flights

Most common airport to depart from on the EMB-145XR:
Take Off From IAH: 7 Flights
Take Off From IAD: 2 Flights
Take Off From OKC: 2 Flights
Take Off From EWR: 1 Flights
Take Off From DEN: 1 Flights