Flights with on this aircraft type

Date From To Airline Flight Number Plane Tail Number
03/20/2019 SXM SJU Seaborne Airlines BB4542 340B+ N350CJ
03/19/2019 SJU SXM Seaborne Airlines BB4542 340B+ N336SA
02/15/2019 MCO FLL Silver Airways 3M128 340B+ N327AG
02/12/2018 FLL TPA Silver Airways 3M82 340B+ N412XJ
02/12/2018 TPA JAX Silver Airways 3M71 340B+ N334AG
08/18/2016 MCO FLL Silver Airways 3M78 340B+ N348AG
02/21/2016 EYW FLL Silver Airways 3M133 340B+ N327AG
02/20/2016 TPA EYW Silver Airways 3M91 340B+ N327AG
02/19/2016 JAX TPA Silver Airways 3M72 340B+ N327AG
10/22/2015 FLL MCO Silver Airways 3M65 340B+
02/03/2015 JAX TPA Silver Airways 3M101 340B+
04/16/2014 FLL MCO Silver Airways 3M3994 340B+
08/03/2013 TPA GNV Silver Airways 3M4042 340B+
Total Flights on 340B+: 13

Most common destination on the 340B+:
To FLL: 3 Flights
To TPA: 3 Flights
To MCO: 2 Flights
To JAX: 1 Flights
To EYW: 1 Flights

Most common airport to depart from on the 340B+:
Take Off From FLL: 3 Flights
Take Off From TPA: 3 Flights
Take Off From JAX: 2 Flights
Take Off From MCO: 2 Flights
Take Off From EYW: 1 Flights