Flights with on this aircraft type

Date From To Airline Flight Number Plane Tail Number
11/29/2017 VCP LIS Azul AD8750 A330-200 PR-AIZ
12/23/2008 DUS RSW LTU International LT1908 A330-200
12/20/2008 RSW DUS LTU International LT1909 A330-200
07/13/2002 DTW AMS Northwest Airlines NW68 A330-200
Total Flights on A330-200: 4

Most common destination on the A330-200:
To AMS: 1 Flights
To DUS: 1 Flights
To RSW: 1 Flights
To LIS: 1 Flights

Most common airport to depart from on the A330-200:
Take Off From DTW: 1 Flights
Take Off From RSW: 1 Flights
Take Off From DUS: 1 Flights
Take Off From VCP: 1 Flights