MSP - Minneapolis/St Paul Intl

Map from this airport

Date From To Airline Flight Number Plane Tail Number
02/22/2019 MSP ORD United Airlines UA402 737-800 N16217
02/20/2019 IAH MSP United Airlines UA3519 ERJ-170-100 N632RW
06/08/2017 MSP LAX United Airlines UA5186 E175 (long wing) N208SY
06/06/2017 ORD MSP United Airlines UA304 A319 N835UA
09/22/2016 MSP DEN United Airlines UA1917 737-800 N17229
09/20/2016 DEN MSP United Airlines UA669 737-900 N69818
07/14/2016 MSP IAH United Airlines UA6267 E175 (long wing) N88326
07/12/2016 IAH MSP United Airlines UA6094 E175 (long wing) N82338
01/26/2016 MSP IAH United Airlines UA299 A319 N834UA
01/25/2016 IAH MSP United Airlines UA4938 E175 (long wing) N729YX
01/19/2016 MSP IAH United Airlines UA5090 E175 (long wing) N88330
01/18/2016 DEN MSP United Airlines UA280 A319 N855UA
01/13/2016 MSP DEN United Airlines UA1499 A320 N406UA
01/12/2016 EWR MSP United Airlines UA3309 E175 (long wing) N726YX
10/07/2015 MSP DEN United Airlines UA1759 737-700 N15751
10/05/2015 ORD MSP United Airlines UA1734 A320 N490UA
12/27/2013 ORD MSP United Airlines UA6227 CRJ-700
12/17/2013 MSP DFW American Airlines AA1149
08/17/2013 MSP DEN United Airlines UA3465 ERJ-170-100
08/15/2013 IAH MSP United Airlines UA6229 CRJ-700
08/14/2013 MSP ORD United Airlines UA3485 ERJ-170-100
08/13/2013 ORD MSP United Airlines UA3606 CRJ-700
03/14/2010 MSP EWR Delta Air Lines DL5664
03/14/2010 DFW MSP Delta Air Lines DL5679
07/13/2002 OKC MSP Northwest Airlines NW3688
07/13/2002 MSP DTW Northwest Airlines NW750
Total Flights to or from MSP: 26

Most common destination from MSP:
To DEN: 4 Flights
To IAH: 3 Flights
To ORD: 2 Flights
To DTW: 1 Flights
To EWR: 1 Flights

Most common airport to depart from bound for MSP:
From ORD: 4 Flights
From IAH: 4 Flights
From DEN: 2 Flights
From OKC: 1 Flights
From DFW: 1 Flights

Flights per airline at this airport:
United Airlines - 21
Northwest Airlines - 2
Delta Air Lines - 2
American Airlines - 1