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W Costa Rica - Reserva Conchal

Published by Mike Morgan on 06/10/2021

I know my last post questioned a lot about Marriott.  But, today, we're talking about what might be the greatest experience I've ever had with within the Marriott Brand. Last week, I flew United down to Costa Rica, and ended up at the W Costa Rica - Reserva Conchal (and check out their Instagram.).

Whatever / Whenever

If you know the W Brand, they're all about Whatever / Whenever.  That's sounds good, but does it really mean anything?  Gina, and the rest of the staff at the W Costa Rica, proved to me that it did mean something.  My goal was just to relax, swim, and eat some good food.  Gina, the W Insider who stalked me a little bit on Instagram, told her team about my upcoming stay (maybe @zsundquist had something to do with it as well). 

Gina met my wife and me at the main entrance. The staff was expecting us.  They offered us a special welcome drink, and handed us our keys, without much delay. 
A wonderful drink, made with local flavors.

The Room

They made sure we were in an amazing room, and we were.  Room 1410 in Tower 1 is a Fantastic Ocean View Suite.  And it was amazing.  Take a look:
The Living Room

The Living Room came with a Foosball table that also doubled as a table, a half-moon couch, a TV, a wild and colorful wall, and access to the balcony.

The Bed Room

The Bed Room featured a King bed in the middle of the room with a very cool headboard (featuring lots of power for your charging needs).  The bed also had a wonderful view of the balcony (with access to it), and ultimately a great view of the Ocean.

The Bathroom

The Bathroom was amazing.  It feature a dual-shower with direct access to the Plunge pool on the balcony.  Wait, did I say Plunge pool?

The Balcony with a Plunge Pool

Yes.  Yes, I did say Plunge Pool.  And the view, did not disappoint...

Sunrise from the Plunge Pool

The Most Amazing Gift Ever

There have only been two times that I've really received a welcome gift from a hotel.  Both of those times were on this trip.  But what the W Costa Rica came up with was something far beyond anything I could have ever imagined.  Remember how I mentioned that Gina Insta-stalked me?  So did Riccardo, the Food & Beverage Manager.  Riccardo saw my love of airplanes, and decided to put a Costa Rican spin on it.  I was told that he was inspired by the small bi-planes that fly around in his country, and wanted to create a treat that I will never forget:
The most thoughtful gift that anyone outside of my family has ever given me -- and it was delicious.

Learning to make Ceviche

The W Costa Rica had several really special ideas for Laura and me. One of them was that one of their chefs, Susan, would teach us how to make vegetarian ceviche.  Susan took her time to really explain the flavors of what she was creating for us, and I know I could never make it as well as she did.
Our Special Ceviche

Pura Vida

There were several other amazing moments including our stay at the Away Spa (which was wonderful), and when Juan Jose cooked us a special seven-course meal at Latitude 10 North.  But our stay meant a lot more to me than just those moments.  When we were leaving we got to speak with Hernán, the General Manager of the W Costa Rica.  He is an immigrant to Costa Rica, but talked about how, as time has passed, he can truly say Pura Vida from his heart. 
New York Steak & Truffle at Latitude 10 North

There is no doubt in my mind that the staff at the W Costa Rica is there to share Pura Vida with any guest who comes along.  I know that my experience there will be different than yours, but I know that your experience there will be amazing.  Please, go visit Gina and the rest of the team at the W Costa Rica.  And don't forget, Love the Journey.
Thank you for a wonderful stay!