Improve your business, increase your bottom line.

Preflight Technologies offers consulting services in three areas: Leadership, Systems and Operations, and Sales. Our flexible system allows us to customize a solution that works with the way you work. Learn more about each of our offerings, or, request pricing to get started!
At Preflight Consulting, we believe that every leader changes lives. The question you must ask is, "am I changing my employees' lives for the better?" Our CEO, Mike Morgan, can come along side you and your team to develop a strategy that creates better leaders, which will improve productiving, and increase the bottom line. You can watch Mike's YouTube series Life-Changing Leadership to get a taste of what he can offer your team.
Preflight Technologies is in the systems business, and with Mike's experience managing a wide variety of operational areas, we can help you improve your process. We start by learning the process from start to finish; our goal is to understand how what each employee does affects the company as a whole. After that, we work with you to find out where you are bleeding the most money. At the end of the process, we provide you with a process-based solution that allows you to increase your bottom line.
Without Sales, you've got nothing. The key to a healthy bottom line is a strong sales process. We believe that sales is a process. Just like playing any sport, you've got to practice and constantly be making changes to improve your sales techniques. Most sales trainings focus on the sales cycle itself. We also spend time looking at how to manage the entire sales process. Let us help you improve your funnel today!
You are ready to improve your business and increase your bottom line? Send us an email, or call us at +1 (888) 744-2506 to learn how we can work with you to develop your customized consulting program.