UAL5893 - April 01, 2019

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Operated By: SkyWest
Snohomish County to San Francisco Intl
06:19 08:05
Flight Time: 01 Hour 45 Minutes
Distance: 710.8 Miles (1,143.93 Kilometers)
Departure Gate: 2A Arrival Gate: 377A
Checked Bags: 1 Baggage Claim: 6
Total Flights Between PAE and SFO 1 Flights
Aircraft Type for this Flight: E175 (long wing)
Number of flights on this aircraft type: 212
The tail number of the airplane used for this flight: N166SY
Number of times you've flown on this airplane: 2
The flight number used for this flight: UA5893
Number of times you've flown with this flight number: 1
Total flights on United Airlines 1,091
Total flights on SkyWest 49


File Type File Name Notes Functions
Flight Status F708BE40-BF1E-4316-B223-20BACCBE574D.png view
Flight Photo 06AB5C4D-5D16-492B-A366-03BC052630F2.jpeg Sunrise over seattle. view