UAL1822 - September 14, 2019

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Dallas-Fort Worth Intl to Denver Intl
06:13 06:40
Flight Time: 01 Hour 26 Minutes
Distance: 641.32 Miles (1,032.1 Kilometers)
Departure Gate: EE8 Arrival Gate: C38
Checked Bags: 1 Baggage Claim:
Total Flights Between DFW and DEN 2 Flights
Aircraft Type for this Flight: 737-800
Number of flights on this aircraft type: 91
The tail number of the airplane used for this flight: N73256
Number of times you've flown on this airplane: 1
The flight number used for this flight: UA1822
Number of times you've flown with this flight number: 1
Total flights on United Airlines 1,089


File Type File Name Notes Functions
Flight Status 7E67C236-D828-46F5-89CD-5BB83336227B.png view
Flight Photo 8BB165FF-AAED-4261-9E15-F87003A048E0.jpeg Sunrise view